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Sunday, April 20 2014 @ 01:25 PM ric
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2014 Message from the LMLA President

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 APRIL 2014 – LMLA - President’s Message 

Hello LMLA members and Little Muskego Lake (LML) neighbors!!!

Happy 2014 to all.  As of this writing, the LML ice is still very solid.  Hopefully everything melts soon.  This has been a similar winter going back to the late 70’s early 80’s.

Annual April 16th LMLA Membership Meeting: Our annual membership meeting will be held on Wednesday, April 16, 2014, commencing at 7:00 pm.  The meeting will be held at the Muskego - Moose Lodge (located at Janesville Rd. and Crowbar Rd.).  Jimmy John’s Subs and refreshments will also be served compliments of LMLA.     Our speaker will be Mr. Jim Hlavac of MW Marine and he will discuss re-commissioning marine watercraft from winter storage.  Jim has made presentations to LMLA in the past which have been very well received.  We thank Jim and MW Marine for providing this informative presentation to our membership.  

                LMLA Board Elections – I want to thank all current LMLA Board members for their dedicated service and efforts for the benefit of LML!!!  For a volunteer organization, we continue to accomplish major goals and tasks.  This is sincerely appreciated.  For 2014, there are two (2) Director positions that are open.  The current Directors: Howard Schneider and Bob Bueckers have agreed to remain in these positions.  We will also ask the membership for any nominations for these Director positions from the floor.  All current paid LMLA members attending the April membership meeting will be allowed to run for office and/or vote.

Other subject items to be discussed include:

Idle Isle Restoration Update LMLA member Lisa Niles will discuss present and future 2014 plans for Idle Isle Park.  To date, there have been improvements to the shoreline including weed removal, and new vegetative plantings.  Lisa (and Ken) have additional information regarding boat launch ramp washing stations.   And, our sincere thank you to all volunteers and local companies who have donated time, energy and funding to this restoration activity.  Next time you are at Idle Isle, take a look at the improvements that have been made – quite impressive.

Walleye Stocking 2014 (Tentative) – During the winter months, there were several ice fishing jamborees.  Although I did not actually ice fish, I attended the conclusion of these Jamborees.  I noted Walleye had been caught. I also noted these fish had a clipped front dorsal fin.  These were the fish that were planted by LMLA/LMLD/WDNR in 2008.  It’s also good to know that there is another group of Walleye planted in 2011.  Additionally, we are thinking about another Walleye planting this year.  We will discuss this item further at the membership meeting.

                Carp Shoot – There are no formal plans for hosting a carp shoot this year.  From past year’s carp shoots, over 3,000+ carp have been removed from LML. You will most likely see lighted carp boats on the water in 2014 as in past years.  These are local teams on LML.  If you get the opportunity to talk with these groups, tell them “thank you” for helping out LML water quality.  Or, as one carp team told me: “Saving your Bass one Carp at a Time.”            

                Muskego Community Fest – Aug. 2014 LMLA member Wally Spitzer represents us on the Community Fest Executive Board.  Wally has reported that approximately $1,700 (each) has been distributed to the Muskego’s volunteer organizations from the 2013 Community Fest proceeds.  Please Note: The “$” from this event are equally divided and returned to the participating volunteer organizations.  Wally has also indicated that we need an additional volunteer to represent LMLA to assist in organizational activities.  Please consider volunteering.  Wally will provide more information at the meeting.  This is a revenue source for LMLA. Thank you to all LMLA members and families (and Wally) for giving of your time!!!

Plan on attending the April 16th LMLA membership meeting at the Muskego-Moose Lodge commencing at 7:00 pm.

Best Regards,

Ken Fries - LMLA President

Ps  April is the membership drive month for LMLA.  Please consider renewing your membership for 2014 (membership forms located within this newsletter). We certainly appreciate your support and commitment in supporting LMLA to preserve and protect LML for present and future generations!!! 



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